About Us

SyAM Software is a developer of Management solutions that help Small, Medium, & Enterprises operate more efficiently through proactive systems management and saving money through intelligent, automated power management. SyAM Software is a leading management technology enabler to global System, Appliance, IT Service and Solution Providers.  

From help-desk ticketing to asset reporting, application deployment to interactively assisting users in remote offices, SyAM provides everything you need to manage remote users and locations in a simple to use, affordable package.

  • Our System Area Management software unifies the configuration and automated monitoring of leading system and storage technologies, substantially increasing system uptime and proactive management capabilities of administrators.
  • SyAM’s ManageAnywhere™ capabilities provide full remote access to all managed systems from anywhere across the Internet or local network through a single user interface.
  • SyAM’s cross-platform management architecture supports the complete range of architectures (x86, x64) and platforms from notebooks, desktops, workstations, up to servers and appliances, and runs on the leading Windows, Linux and Apple OSX operating systems.

SyAM OEMs this enabling management technology to System, Appliance and IT Service Providers. We tailor the software packaging to your system requirements, from a monitoring agent embedded into your appliance and integrated at the software API level, to a complete, installable product supporting your entire range of system hardware, branded and localized for your markets.