Power Management

SyAM provides you with the tools to start reducing energy waste today. Schedule policies that work best for your organization in order to keep productivity up and electricity bills down.

Save money on your:

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • and Servers


Desktop Power Management

Reduce the number of hours desktops are powered on when not needed and control power usage of plugged in laptops.


Data Center Power Management

Control global, memory, and CPU wattage on servers and apply intelligent policies that only apply when sensors are exceeded.



Power Reporting

View a vareity of reports to analyze your power savings campaign and understand where and how you can save even more


White Paper - Intelligent Automated Power Management

Many IT departments think that taking the step to saving money on energy is a difficult process but it is actually very simple with SyAM Software’s power management solution. We offer a simple, non-disruptive, yet intelligent solution to manage and report on computer asset power consumption.

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