The cost of running PCs is often an overlooked cost because businesses are not given the proper tools to see the actual dollar amount of electricity wasted. Many organizations tend to shy away from PC power management solutions in fear of policies interfering with productivity. SyAM’s power management solution ensures that productivity will never be harmed since you are given complete control. Scheduled policies are implemented only during the days and times that you specify.

Power Management - Power settings
Intelligent Daily Shutdown – Maximize energy savings by setting power policies to shut systems down on a schedule.  Administrators can configure shutdowns to be delayed when certain applications are running, or when the user needs to work past the scheduled shutdown time.





Power Management KWH Chart
Power Usage Analytics – Understand how many systems are powered on and how much energy they are consuming with
customizable charts.


Power Management - Executive ReportExecutive Report – Gives you the exact breakdown of savings across your organization which can be emailed monthly in PDF format.







SyAM Power Calculator

Find out how much your business can save with SyAM’s Intelligent Power Management Solution using our Power Calculator.

Power Calculator